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Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
things about how government's changed in the united states, but pretty much everything stays the same. this shows the world that we can change governments. we can have our own mini-revolutions or rebellions, but it occurs in an orderly, peaceful fashion. >> there will be a speech. this is also martin luther king jr. day. so will the president bring that in? >> well, part of it will be he'll be using two bibles today, the lincoln bible and the martin luther king jr. traveling bible. what king took with him as he traveled to draw inspiration for his sermons as he went and his activism around the country. there's a big significance to that for the president today. martin luther king's real first name was michael. >> was it? >> yes. >> all right. >> we'll be chating with michael all morning long. when we come back, we'll talk about the speech, what to expect in the second term, what the president -- how he's going to handle this. >> ok. >> thanks. >>> the other big story this morning besides the fact the president will be sworn into office is the 49ers. they had a huge win yesterday. they
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
the alembics and lance armstrong revealed that the governing body covered up widespread doping. the former head of the world antidumping agency and current member of the international olympic committee said drastic action would have to be taken if armstrong provides proof of high-ranking officials from the international cycling union were implicated in doping. the new york times reported that armstrong will is willing to testify against former members of the use the high but he has been told he has to speak to that anti-dumping authorities rather than give television interviews if he wants to cut his lifetime ban. >> the dow started out of the gate at 630 down by 50 or so and now it is off by 37 points trading at 13,497. >> j.p. morgan's multi- billion dollar trading loss will hit its ceo and the wallet. the banks last jamie demons salary and bonus by 53 percent. j.p. morgan lost more than $6 billion when a trader made a bad bet on credit in derivatives. the bank's board ruled that ultimately demand was responsible. he will still walk away with a nice salary $11.5 million including a $10 millio
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am PST
the first. activists filed a lawsuit to overturn it. they argue that the government order violates their first amendment right to express their political views. the judge stated that it will take more than that to just be naked to make a point. >> if we are going on to vote or more for a story with lance armstrong he stated that he used a variety of enhancement drugs to windows titles. he refused answer when oprah want to know whether not his former teammates wife was telling the truth when she said that in 1996 she heard him tell his doctor that he was doping perry ed he also admitted that he was a boy. bully. >> if i did not like what i heard or someone was being disloyal or a friend turned on me i tried to control it. that is a lie, they are liars. >> he was stripped of his titles and his olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is also facing other numerous lawsuits. >> let's take a look at the stocks. the dow is not doing much but it is on the positive side. they're up by three points. 13,599. >> we will take a break. here is a shot from the golden gate bridge. above it looks pre
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
government is one it is okay. it is a good time to borrow. but when it is 8% you do not want to the ballroom. >> a another winner is a the driverless cars that are coming to show rooms by 2020. there is a huge an initiative by the government. i keep coming back to, how about this. what about the older people that should not be driving. people want to keep their mobility. my mother can get in a car in the of the take herself to the rose restore. i like this idea. we will see more and more features of this. >> i'm let's talk about our questions. you can send in your questions for rob perry ed >> this is from steve. he wants to know what are your thoughts on shares of american all makers? >> ford can go tfrom for 10 to 18. i do not like manufacturers. but long-term i like their dad because gm- pest >> this is from andrea she stated that should she cell in front of this month's the debt ceiling talks? >> the markets rallied at 5%. do not sell short-term perry ed >> the time is now 9:18 a.m.. we will get a little warmer today but it's still is a very cold start. >> oakland is in the lower 40's. c
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
is talking about. >> if prop. 1 of 9 1/2%. you get the highest tax bracket from the government. the social sphere security tax and the other taxes. he made $60 million last year. >> let's talk about apple. apple may face first profit drop in decades as a the iphone slows down. >> verizon came out this morning is stated that they had a blowout sale with the iphone 5. this is actually bad bills because this is a very expensive phone to manufacture. the ipad, and the ipad mini. some of their sales have when down. this is not a make or break for them. >> wenner. existing home sales fall, but prices climbed for the 10th straight month. the sales were up and this is lovely. the average home is up by 11 1/2%. as the prices go up more people are putting their inventory out there. i believe that home sales will continue to do well. this is as long as the interest rates remain low. >> we have the e-mail from patrick. he states that he would like to know if he should consider buying amazon before earnings are released? >> yes. i think that this is the craziest accompany the juvenile. i think they're
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5